Don’t Plug-in Appliances in the Sales Models

There is something inviting about the digital clock numbers lit up on the kitchen range…and people are tempted as they walk through the sales models to push buttons and “kick the tires.”

The same thing occurs with the microwave oven and the dishwasher, for example.  If people push a button and hear a beep, or turn a knob an get the water to run…their interest is aroused and they may continue to play with the appliance.

If the sales models for a large project get several thousand visitors over the span of a year or more…a lot of people are touching and experimenting with the kitchen appliances.  If people push a button or turn a knob on one of the appliances and nothing happens, however, they leave the appliance alone and move on to something else.

One problem to avoid here if the builder needing the appliance technician to replace electrical circuitry inside the sales models appliances that has become worn-out…after the builder has converted the sales models into occupied units…and the new homebuyer discovers that their appliances do not work.

The builder can avoid this problem by simply not plugging in the appliances in the sales models.  Appliances are there for everyone to see…but they offer no response when people push the buttons.