About the Author

            At age 17, as a junior in high school, I almost made it into the ranks of professional surfing in Southern California. 

            I got fourth place in a 2A/3A junior-age division surfing contest in the old WSA (Western Surfing Association)…which if I had gotten first-place would have allowed me to have an automatic entrance into the professional contests as 3A regional junior champion.

            I was in the Windansea Surf Club in the junior division…ages 15-17… and was a member of the Greg Noll surf team…a legendary big-wave surfer from the 1960’s and a successful surfboard manufacturer. 

            When I was 18, I worked at the Greg Noll surfboard factory part-time while a senior in high school and the summer after graduation…selling surfboard foam blanks, fiberglass, resin, and fins to people making their own homemade surfboards in their garage…which was popular at that time.

            Two of the guys on the surf team ran into me at the surfboard factory while I was outside watering the potted plants…in late July of that summer…and began to tell me about their becoming Christians…about the house near the beach where I surfed that was a “house church” long before there was such a thing…and gave me some Christian tracts to read and asked me if I was interested in going.

            I listened politely and took their literature…but said I was not interested.  They probably walked away thinking that I was a hopeless case…unreachable in my carefree worldliness.

            But over the next two weeks something changed within me, and I decided to go on a warm summer night.  That night I became a Christian…and a new, entirely changed person.  That was in August 1970, the summer between high school and starting college.

            At age 30, while working in building construction, I injured my lower back lifting…and was off work for 3 months.  I had been making notes of building construction problems and mistakes for several years, and realized this information might make a valuable book. 

            I began writing and drawing illustrations…and discovered I liked it.  But I barely passed English composition in college, and my first drafts were very poor.  But I kept practicing and practicing, and 13 years later I got my first of four building construction books accepted by McGraw-Hill.  My fourth book Residential Construction Problem Solver was translated into Chinese by the Architectural Society Press of China.

            I have an Associate of Arts degree in construction technology from El Camino College (1973) and a Bachelor of Science degree in construction management from the California State University Long Beach (1990).  From 2001 to 2005, I completed 24 units of graduate classes toward a MSCE at CSULB, which I was unable to complete due to job/travel out-of-state requirements that conflicted with school.

A Brief Work History that Generated the Database of Debugging Topics:

            In my twenties I worked as a finish carpenter in tract housing, framer in tract housing, mason’s tender on a shopping center, residential drywaller, commercial drywaller, apprentice lather on a 22-story high-rise building, and worked a year in residential remodeling.

            In 1979, I got his first job as an assistant superintendent, going on to become head of the customer service department for this large builder.

            I took 3 years off in 1983 to attend CSULB full-time, finishing my degree at night.  I worked again as an assistant superintendent, and then superintendent in tract housing.

            From 1993 to 2002, I worked as a construction inspector at a bank, the last 3 years doing cost validations for new single-family construction loans and managing the field inspectors, as Assistant Vice-President in the construction management department.

            From 2002 to 2005, I worked as Vice-President of Construction and project manager on 4 high-end houses in the $6.75-12.5 million range in Pelican Hills, Newport Coast, Newport Beach, in Southern California. 

            I then worked as a project engineer on a 42,000 square foot mega-church, and for a custom homebuilder in West Hollywood building houses in the $3-10 million range.

The List of My Books:

            Debugging Housing Design & Construction Volume 1…Crashes & Collisions 1-250

            Debugging Housing Design & Construction Volume 2…Crashes & Collisions 251-500

            Practical Aspects of Housing Construction Management

            Building Construction Field Forms…using Excel

            Residential Construction Problem Solver (1998)

            Offsite Construction…with Paul Dettenmaier (1997)

            McGraw-Hill’s Best Practices for Housing Construction (1996)

            Practical Cost-Saving Techniques for Housing Construction (1995)

            The Second Half of the Cross

            The High Standards of God for End-Times Christians

            The Christian Danger Zone of Faith

            The Real Truth About God

            The Real Christian Life

            The Christian Church in the Last Days

            The Cross in the End-Times

            One Christian’s View of Science and Why Macroevolution Cannot be True                                                                          

            I grew up in Southern California…have been fortunate to never live farther than a mile from the Pacific Ocean, and enjoy walks along the beach.