About the Author

            At age 30, while working in building construction, I injured my lower back lifting…and was off work for 3 months.  I had been making notes of building construction problems and mistakes for several years, and realized this information might make a valuable book. 

            I began writing and drawing illustrations…and discovered I liked it.  But I barely passed English composition in college, and my first drafts were very poor.  But I kept practicing and practicing, and 13 years later I got my first of four building construction books accepted by McGraw-Hill.  My fourth book Residential Construction Problem Solver was translated into Chinese by the Architectural Society Press of China.

            I have an Associate of Arts degree in construction technology from El Camino College (1973) and a Bachelor of Science degree in construction management from the California State University Long Beach (1990).  From 2001 to 2005, I completed 24 units of graduate classes toward a MSCE at CSULB, which I was unable to complete due to job/travel out-of-state requirements that conflicted with school.

A Brief Work History that Generated the Database of Debugging Topics:

            In my twenties I worked as a finish carpenter in tract housing, framer in tract housing, mason’s tender on a shopping center, residential drywaller, commercial drywaller, apprentice lather on a 22-story high-rise building, and worked a year in residential remodeling.

            In 1979, I got his first job as an assistant superintendent, going on to become head of the customer service department for this large builder.

            I took 3 years off in 1983 to attend CSULB full-time, finishing my degree at night.  I worked again as an assistant superintendent, and then superintendent in tract housing.

            From 1993 to 2002, I worked as a construction inspector at a bank, the last 3 years doing cost validations for new single-family construction loans and managing the field inspectors, as Assistant Vice-President in the construction management department.

            From 2002 to 2005, I worked as Vice-President of Construction and project manager on 4 high-end houses in the $6.75-12.5 million range in Pelican Hills, Newport Coast, Newport Beach, in Southern California. 

            I then worked as a project engineer on a 42,000 square foot mega-church, and for a custom homebuilder in West Hollywood building houses in the $3-10 million range.

            I grew up in Southern California…have been fortunate to never live farther than a mile from the Pacific Ocean, and enjoy walks along the beach.