Barton Jahn currently has 22 books published on building construction that are in-print and available on Amazon. Four books published by McGraw-Hill (1995-98) listed below, are out-of-print. Fifteen books are e-books, and seven are paperback.

Book 1 Topics 1-80 Exterior Elevations & Doors

Book 2 Topics 81-160 Doors, Windows, and Electrical

Book 3 Topics 161-240 Electrical, Light Fixtures, Plumbing, and HVAC

Book 4 Topics 241-320 HVAC, Cabinets, and Finish Carpentry

Book 5 Topics 321-400 Finish Carpentry, Tile, Countertops, and Flooring

Book 6 Topics 401-476 Stairs, Flooring, Interior Handrail, and Fireplaces

Book 7 Topics 477-554 Exterior Handrail, Mirrors, Ceiling Soffits, Misc. Interior and Exterior

Book 8 Topics 555-633 Foundations and Rough Framing

Book 9 Topics 634-714 Rough Framing, Rough Mechanicals

Book 10 Topics 715-792 Rough Mechanicals, Misc. Finish

Book 11 Topics 793-872 Cabinets, Finish Carpentry, Tile

Book 12 Topics 873-945 Stucco, Painting, Hardware

Book 13 Topics 946-990 Flooring, Misc. Exterior

Book 14 Topics 991-1035 Misc. Exterior

Book 15 Practical Aspects of Housing Construction Management

Books 1-14 All Topics 1-1035 in one e-book

Six 6×9 paperback books covering the 15 e-books listed above.

Book 1 Paperback Edition Topics 1-240

Book 2 Paperback Edition Topics 241-476

Book 3 Paperback Edition Topics 477-714

Book 4 Paperback Edition Topics 715-945

Book 5 Paperback Edition Topics 946-1035

Book 6 Paperback Edition Practical Aspects of Housing Construction Management

Building Construction Field Forms…using Excel

Books published by McGraw-Hill 1995-98:

Practical Cost-Saving Techniques for Housing Construction

McGraw-Hill’s Best Practices for Housing Construction

Offsite Construction…with co-author Paul Dettenmaier

Residential Construction Problem Solver