Address Plaques 1

Pre-cast Handrail cap crashes with house address numbers plaque.
Another example of a light fixture extending down in front of the house address numbers plaque.

Sample illustrations from the books: Perfect Housing Design & Construction

Light Fixtures Crash with Address Plaques

            The aim of this blog is to identify quality-control issues that can be prevented upfront through foreknowledge.

            Most important, each topic can be cut and paste copied from this website, and/or from my 14 e-book series and placed in the details pages of architectural and interior design plans, and in building trades subcontracts produced by general contractors, builders, and purchasing agents.

            I do not feel bad about engaging in shameless advertising in this blog because the costs of the book resources are so inexpensive.  Each of the 14 e-books costs $2.99 and $9.00 in print, available on Amazon.  All 14 e-books purchased separately run about $42, and the 5 print books together cost $45.  The 14 e-books are available as one large e-book that costs $30.

            The examples in this blog are samples of the 1,035 topics in the 14 e-books.  Each topic is an assembly-line bug that escaped the foresight of the designers, builders, and tradespersons involved.

            Only in this way will quality-control debugging enter into the standards of the industry, overcoming the constraints of geographical isolation between projects, economic competition, and the lack of channels of communication to communicate this information.

            Only in this way can housing construction begin to approximate the efficiency of the traditional mass-production assembly-line.  

Light Fixtures Crash with Addresses.

Height of light fixture rough outlet box placement and size of house address numbers plaque all coordinated to fit.